Today is Christmas eve. I am working from 7-3:30, which doesn’t really bother me a whole lot. It’s some downtime before this crazy weekend ahead. Brad and I opened our “Christmas Eve” presents this morning before I started work…and now there is glitter everywhere. It’s pretty. Right now I’m eating cottage cheese (12 grams of protein!) and waiting on someone from my parent’s house to bring me a packet of hot chcocolate. It just feels like one of those kinds of mornings and since I don’t have any on hand I called in a favor. This month has been a good one, full of lots of activity and friends and I feel so blessed. I’ve got some really great photos (memories related, not skill related) from this month. Brad’s birthday at Festajos, where they sang to him 3 (!!!) times. Christmas with my grandparents from Florida that I don’t get to see very often at all. 4 Generations in one picture. My daughter laughing and smiling and having a great time (most of the time…you’ll see). There are 13 pictures in the slideshow, make sure you check them all out!

I hope you all have had as good or better a month than me. Merry Christmas to you, enjoy this magical time of year!

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