So hi, I now have to blog from my phone because my life is just…not blogger friendly. I am so thankful for Android phones and the WordPress app. There is really so much that has happened and if I am ever going to document the things that happen in my life than the phone will have to come in to play. My lovely cracked but still working phone, I might add.
So I guess the biggest news is that I started a new job in April. It is still for the same company but I no longer work from home and I work in Cary…which is 30-35 minutes away from home. I get up at 5:15 , but I am used to it now. I no longer do computer support and I do more patient related care. I love my boss (which is no change, I like the last one a lot too) and my coworkers are all wonderful. It was a good change though and I couldn’t be happier.

Next, I have lost a lot more weight. I don’t know what I was the last time I blogged but I passed the 100lb mark and am at 111, so I am 191..which if you recall is my happy dance weight because 192 is the lowest I can ever remember being. So yay happy dance! We joined the gym and I also do a stair workout every day with my boss and some of my coworkers. I love having a support system for my exercise and weightloss at work.
Autumn is wonderful and smart and repeats everything and I love her so very much I can’t explain it in words. That little girl has full posession of my heart. I could devote a whole blog to the things she does and I probably will but since I am just busting this one out real quick at work on my phone…I will wait.
We have a wedding to go to this weekend for Jordan and Tiana and it is going to be a blast. I am hoping to put some pictures up on this here blog but we will see…Facebook and Flickr seem to be my picture places and WordPress my word place. I obviously don’t have much to say since it has been so long!
Anyway, I will try and update more often but it will definitely be short snippets versus these long and information-heavy ones. We shall see.