So we went to Carowinds for our anniversary. We left Saturday morning and saw Harry Potter that night and had dinner at Razzoos, which was so flipping good. Then on Sunday we went to the water park at Carowinds (Boomerang Bay) and we did the slides and titlewave and all that good stuff. We were going to wait to ride any rides until Monday when our friends got in but we road a few anyway 😉 We were really exhausted by 2 and went to the hotel to nap, read, and he watched the race (Nascar…Brad obviously). We tried to go to the mall that night but they apparently close at 6?? It was lame. So we went to Hef’s bar and grille and had dinner and then went back to the hotel for the night. The next morning we grabbed a bagel from Brueggers and met our friends Jordan and Tiana at Carowinds at 10ish. We road rides all day…started out with the Intimidator and it was WOW. I didn’t ride it again but they all did. We did ride After Burn about 7 times lol. We had a great time. After we left we had dinner at a Thai restaurant and it was so flipping good. There was some planking by my silly husband as well. I am using my phone so I will have to come back and add pics if I have a minute.
We got home Monday night, Tuesday was our anniversary, I worked Wednesday all day and Thursday morning and then we left for a whirlwind weekend in Maryland and Virginia. Autumn did amazing in the car up there and we had a blast with my lifelong bestie and cousin Amanda and everyone else we saw Thursday night and Friday. On Saturday morning we left for a family reunion in VA with my great-grandmother. That ride wasn’t quite as pleasant with my overly exhausted 20 month old, but I couldn’t ask for more from her under the circumstances. We hung at the reunion for a little bit (3 hours maybe, if that?) and then headed back to NC. My brother had come to the reunion too, so I challenged him with the fact that I was off Monday and he should take off so we could spend the day together and BYGOLLY he did it. So we stuck our poor child in the car yet again for a 2 hour trip to Uncle Brian’s at the beach. That was a great time too and totally worth the insanely miserable trip home. I have been back to work since Weds the 27th and other than a few plans here and there we have been thankfully winding down.
Autumn is partially potty training which is super interesting and exciting and scary. We are talking about when we are ready for number 2 (child, not the nature of Autumn’s pottying, just to clarify lol). Now that I am a year post-op (yay! Minus 120!) we just need to get into a 3 bedroom home and sell our 2 bedroom townhouse. So there is a lot of talk of that and it is exciting and frustrating and it all seems so impossible and far away but I know how deceiving time can be so I am not going to give in to the overwhelming feeling that tries to be the front-runner of my emotions! Anyway, I have been composing this thing for approximately 2 weeks now so it is just about time to put it up and walk away, until next time.