So while I was home yesterday I typed up the little phrases and things Autumn said all day long. I am so proud of my little girl, she is so smart. I will probably come back and edit this as she says more things, but posting this for now.

I hold you me. I help you me. Aww, you tired baby? Wow, das cool.  Soo good! I have bite dat now? I see picture? I see Jesus? Mere baby, I hold you. What in the heck? Rub my back. I wanna bounce. I take my bath now. I fall down! All done now. I wanna eat now. I want my milk. I wanna walk now. We go to Nana’s house? We go to Autumn’s house? This water old. Ew Nasty. No ma’am. I want my balloon. What’s this? What’s that? I want dat right dare. Is Lucky swimmin’? Fishy in his house. Fishy sleepin’? That scared me! See, the gloves are on me! Bless you. You okay baby? I will see. Ow that hurt me. Touchdown! I love it! Thank you! Welcome! Scuse me! I want vitamin pwease?

11/12/11: singing- joy joy joy in my heart
11/13/12: I take it out. I found it! I found medicine binky. Brushin my teef.
11/26/11: one at a time!
I am being really slack about updating this! I got my phone replaced finally and so I forgot to add WordPress back to it. It is on here now 🙂
11/30/11: back up, back up! Jesus is in my heart! Jesus loves me this I know da Bible tells me so.