Oh you guys. A year, almost an entire year since I have blogged. It’s amazing how time flies, how life happens, how a new job changes everything, and how much time an almost 3 year old takes! And let’s not talk about the 4 jobs between Brad and I, or the lack of wireless in our house. But don’t be mislead. Life is good. I’m just tired.

Autumn has grown so much and is such a little person, no longer a baby. We are convinced someone was mistaken when they labeled the 2’s terrible…for it is most certainly the 3’s for us that are….emotions running high is definitely one way to put it. But we love her, and all of the funny little things she says. She has become a little love bug, it just took much longer than I ever expected. I love how when I rock her at night before bed she still sticks her little butt out, tucks her hands under her chest, and burrows into my shoulder. She has always done this, but it seems that at her age now she seems to do it with a little more vigor…she loves to be snuggled and held close (don’t we all?!).

She will be 3 on Monday and we have a fun filled birthday ahead for her. She is telling everyone that her “birfday is comin’ up” and she will “free” and she “gonna go to jumpin’ jax wif all my fwiends”.

I’m so proud of her at this stage in the game. She makes me laugh, she teaches me forgiveness and love. Emotions that are not easily accessible some days, she teaches me to access them. I adore my little girl and this life that God has blessed Brad and I with. It warms my heart to meditate on this little family of mine.