Facebook marriage challenge? Puh-lease. Brad , 8 years in to this, knows I’m committed. I participated. Why? 

Because I wasn’t always. 

We have been through some CRAP. But why do any of you even need to know that? You don’t. But when I get challenged on Facebook I go with it. Here’s why…it gave me a chance to say- marriage is hard, and THAT is a level of intimacy that doesn’t belong on social media and none of you need to know it…except to say…chances are good you have all been there at some point too. Aren’t we all doing this life thing together? No? I’m sad for you…you should be doing life with someone, especially someone who has walked THROUGH whatever struggle you’re going through. I call that church life, doing life together.

 But church life just happens to be MY thing. I am into meal planning and prep, I want to work out more, I’m a mom, I am SO fulfilled by my profession and pursue growth. I clean my home thoroughly-baseboards , murphys oil, bleach, essential oils and all, every Saturday ! But the reality is…Jesus is my motivation. 

God ordained my marriage. Even those moments when I wish He picked someone else, He didn’t. Does my commitment lie with Brad? Nope. It lies in the covenant I made before God to honor and cherish this man. As a Christian? Come ON. That’s worth sharing!! Y’all don’t know my details, but do you have to know MY details in order to relate?! Absolutely NOT, because you have your own circumstances. 

My hope is that, whether you know my details or not, you know ME. You see my every day life. You see me strive to represent Jesus in everything I do. So by default you know my marriage is a representation of my commitment to God. 

Marriage challenge?? I challenge you to think about your marriage, why you’re still in it (we’ve all thought about not), what are those golden moments that keep you there? Kids aren’t it. They’ll move out one day. 

The marriage challenge for me wasn’t a chance to show you why my marriage rocks…it was an opportunity to reinforce the reasons I stay committed. Guess what guys, Facebook challenges ain’t it. God is. The marriage challenge was an opportunity to remind me of that. Life is hard. Parenting is harder. Marriage is hardest. Damnit Brad, you are hard. But I refuse to focus on the negative. I PRAISE  the things that make you amazing  (a lot). 

I put my job, my kids, my food all on Facebook. That’s all fair game. Yeah I get that my marriage isn’t fair game (intimacy)…except to say…our commitment is still worth sharing. You’re life has issues too. Don’t share the negative. The marriage challenge gives you the chance to search your story-share those good things! Celebrate them! They keep you. They drive you. Do the challenge if for no other reason than to remind yourself why you’re  HERE.